Before you book

How do I book my trip?

Make sure you have your travel information before booking your transfer. We will need to know exactly at what time you wish to be picked up, especially when booking a transfer to one of the local airports we service. Please take in consideration traffic during rush hour, construction on local highways and inclement weather.

It is important to let us know your flight information if you are being picked up at an airport. You can leave us a note on the payments page (checkout) with your flight info and any other information related to your travel, pick up location and etc…

Click on the “BOOK NOW” button and fill in the date, pick up location, final destination, number of passengers and if your transfer is a round trip or one way. Click the “FIND A TRANSFER” button to see what vehicles are available. Select the one of your choice and proceed to the next page by clicking on “BOOK TRANSFERS” button. Details about your trip and payment information will be asked. At the end of your booking, you will be asked to create an account with us. Through your account you will be able to see your bookings and personal information.

You will receive emails from us with details of your order and a second email confirming your books and payment completion.

What information do I need in order to book?

Passengers booking trips with us will need to provide their names, email address (for communication purposes), cell phone number to get our text alerts, pick up/drop off addresses, flight information if being picked up at an airport and a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit or debit card.

Can I book a transfer or trip to a location currently not listed on your website?

Yes you can. We typically go anywhere in a 500 mile radius within the US. Call us to discuss your specific needs at 747-AIRPORT (247-7678).

How do I pay for my transfer?

You can pay using your VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit or debit card.

Can I book a transfer with more than one stop?

Yes you can. When booking your one way or round trip transfer you will be prompted to add additional stops. Each transfer has a 4 stops limit.

You have:

4 stops of 1.5 miles away or less from the route between your origin (pick up location) and final destination. Cost per stop is $10.00 (additional)

4 stops of 1.51 – 3.0 miles away from the route between your origin (pick up location) and final destination. Cost per stop is $20.00 (additional)

Stops can’t never be prior to your (origin) pick up location. For example: If your the one booking a trip to Logan airport and live in Newton, you cannot ask us to go to Wellesley first to pick up someone. You need to set Wellesley as the origin (pick up location) and your own home will be considered a stop along the way to the airport.

You can determine whether to choose a 1.5 miles stop or a 3 miles stop using GOOGLE MAPS ON DEFAULT SETTINGS. In other words, never make your route custom by avoiding tolls or highways.

Trips containing the wrong number of stops and distances will be automatically adjusted. We will get in touch with you right away to inform of the adjustments and final cost.

You may also consider to book an hourly trip with unlimited stops.

Call us for assistance with this process if need to. We can be reached at 747-AIRPORT (247-7678).

Before you travel

How much luggage can I take with me?

When selecting one of our vehicle categories you can click on the “Vehicle Details” button and the window will expand. There you will be able to find information about the vehicle itself, the recommend number of passengers and luggage. Please use your best judgement me to avoid number of items.

For further assistance contact us with your luggage and passenger capacity questions at +1-747-AIRPORT (247-7678)

Where will I meet my driver at the airport?

Prior to boarding your flight, you will receive an email and text message from us with instructions telling you exactly where to meet your driver. Please check your inbox and cellphone for these instructions.

You can always call or text us at +1-747-AIRPORT (247-7678) to find out more information about your pick up location. We ask that you follow these instructions as airport authorities will not make exceptions or allow us to pick you up outside of the designated areas.

What happens if I can’t locate my driver?

Although highly unusual, problems can happen and we are here to solve them. Please immediately call or text us at +1-747-AIRPORT (247-7678) if you cannot find your driver.


My group size has changed, can I choose another vehicle?

Yes you can. You will need to call us at +1-747-AIRPORT (247-7678) in order to make changes to your reservation. Please contact us as soon as you find out that changes need to be made. Keep in mind that we might not have a specific vehicle available to assist you. Reservations are made on a “first come, first serve” basis.

How long will the transfer take?

Transfers to Logan Airport typically take 30 – 45 minutes from most departing locations we cover around the greater Boston area and suburbs. Trips from the Boston area to NYC usually take 3 to 4 hours.

Here are some other travel time estimates:


Manchester Airport, NH- 1 hr 5 minutes

TF Green Airport, RI – 55 minutes

Hanscom AFB, MA – 30 minutes

Philadelphia, PA – 6 hrs

Buffalo, NY – 7 hours

York, ME – 2 hrs

Hyannis – Cape Cod, MA – 1 hr 50 minutes




Booking hourly trips

How do I book an hourly trip?

You must start with a transfer reservation in order to book an hourly trip. When booking a trip, select the date, pick up location, drop off location / initial stop, number of passengers and mark it as ONE WAY. You will then proceed to select a vehicle on the next page. On the next page, you will then have the option of selecting how many hours you will need your driver for. Keep in mind that you will need to select a minimum of 2 (two) hours in order to book an hourly trip. The timer/meter will start upon arrival at your initial stop. The maximum number of hours for an hourly trip is 12 hours per reservation every 24 hours.

Please call us at +1-747-AIRPORT (247-7678) before booking your trip IF any of your any of your stops or if drop off/final stop is outside of the greater Boston area or anywhere else within 500 miles radius.

You final stop can be your original pick location or any other location you choose within the greater Boston area. The Boston area includes: Arlington, Belmont, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Medford, Newton, Waltham, Watertown and Lexington.

IF THE NUMBER OF HOURS IS EXCEEDED, YOU WILL BE BILLED FOR ANY ADDITIONAL HOURS AT THE RATE OF $40 PER HOUR. Please inform us of all your planned stops (probably stops as well) when booking your hourly trip. Use the “notes” area on the checkout page to list your stops and respective addresses. Extra hours can only be used upon vehicle availability. 


How do event pick ups/drop offs work?

Our drivers are instructed to pick up passengers at specific locations. Your driver will work with you on the best locations to pick you up and drop you off.

Due to event rules or police changes to traffic patters, drop offs and pick ups might have to be done away from the event entrances, gates and doors. Please share your special parking credentials with your driver if you have them. These credentials are only issued by event organizer and must specifically say that you are allowed to have a driver standing by waiting for you or that your driver is allowed to enter restricted areas near an event to drop you off/pick up as close to the gates as possible.

No exceptions to these rules can be made.

Can I have alcoholic beverages inside of my vehicle?

We strictly prohibit passengers from carrying open bottles or cups containing alcoholic beverages inside our vehicles. PLEASE DO NOT INSIST.

Smoking is prohibited inside of our vehicles.

Food is prohibited inside our vehicles. You are welcome to bring in your cup of coffee or non-alcoholic beverage as long as it inside of a bottle with a cap or a cup with a lid on top of it.

General Questions

Do you offer corporate discounts?

24X7Airport.com offers discounts to businesses and individuals who exceed $10,000 in annual fares. To further discuss the opening of a corporate account, please email us at contact@247airport.com, or call +1-747-AIRPORT (247-7678).

How much time can my driver wait for me?

After a 10 minute grace period a $5 charge is added for every 10 minutes our driver has to wait for a passenger at his home, work place, event and any other place that is not the airport.

After a 30 minute grace period a $5 charge is added for every 10 minutes our driver has to wait for a passenger in a domestic flight.

After a 45 minute grace period a $5 charge is added for every 10 minutes our driver has to wait for a passenger in an international flight.

We make use of systems that tell us exactly when: a plane has landed, is at a gate, doors are open and luggage is released at a carousel.

Grace period starts when plane is at its gate and doors are opened.

These fees do not apply to “Act of God” situations, natural disaster and when a customer’s flight is delayed due to mechanical problems or inclement weather.


Can a transfer or trip be refunded when cancelled?

Cancellation of reservations will result in a charge of the full fare (transfer + minimum 2 hour for hourly trips). A no-show fee for the full fare will be charged when the passenger fails to arrive at the pickup location. Please call us at +1-747-247-7678 and let us know exactly where you are. Our drivers are instructed to be at the exact location where they are suppose to be. The pick up location is always given to passengers prior of their arrival at one of the airports we service. The same rules applies to pickups everywhere else. We provide extremely reliable services and have never failed to meet a passenger.

A $40 rescheduling fee will apply when rescheduling transfers and hourly trips. A $90 rescheduling fee will apply when rescheduling long distance trips out of state (Massachusetts). Cancellations and rescheduling must me done 48 HOURS prior to original scheduled pick up time. Trips must be rescheduled within 30 days of the original pick up date and time.

FOR EXAMPLE: If you have a pick up scheduled for Friday at 11:59 AM September/29/2017, you must call us and reschedule your transfer/trip no later than WEDNESDAY at 11:59 AM September/27/1976 (48 hours before). When rescheduling, your new booking date and time CANNOT be later than October/28/2017 @ 11:59 AM.



We will not CHARGE YOU A RESCHEDULING FEE if your trip/transfer was cancelled due to inclement weather, natural disaster or an act of GOD. We will consider it on a case by case basis. 

Are tips included in my total fare due at checkout?

Gratuities are standard in our industry and are automatically added to every transfer/hourly bookings to ensure our drivers get compensated for their excellent professionalism, attention to detail, friendliness and hard work they always provide.

Do you offer car seats and/or booster seats?

Car seats and booster seats are not offered. You must provide your own when booking a ride with 24x7Airport.com. We can hold your seats for you and have them ready for you if you decide to book a round trip with us. If your booking a one way you must take the seats with you.